Backyard Movie Bundle


Backyard Movie Bundle 

New to the Launch Pad on the Go Collection-
Backyard Movie Bundles!

Backyard Movie Bundles contain (almost) everything you need to watch a movie on a giant inflatable screen in the comfort of your backyard. Place a hold here

The kits include:

  • 16 foot inflatable movie screen
  • LED projector
  • DVD player
  • Speaker
  • Rolling cart

These kits can be transported on carts, but please be aware that they are heavy and you will need to lift them into your car. Please return the kits on the provided cart. You’ll need a chair or cart to place your projector on, as well as an extension cord or two to power up the projector, DVD player, and the fan for the inflatable screen. 

Need help setting up your kit? Check out this video or these instructions.