Other Services

ePRINT it – Wireless Printing

  1. Email address is required 
  2. To print from home: Download the app for mobile use or click the link on the library’s homepage.   
  3. To print at the library: Click here or the ePRINT it icon on the homepage.
  4. Upload your files and follow the prompts. Select the pickup location.
  5. Pay for and pick up your print jobs at the library within 7 days.

Click here to print to or at the Branch.

Copying, Faxing and Scanning

Copying and  faxing are available at copiers on the first and second floors.
Faxing is free, but there is a charge for copies made.

  • 10 cents/black and white; 50 cents/color
  • Cash or credit card accepted.

Scanning is available on the Simple Scans, located on the second floor.

Test Proctoring

Available free to ITPLD cardholders in good standing; non-member fee is $10 per session. 

  • A member may take more than one exam per session.
  • Proctoring must be scheduled one week in advance at the second floor adult desk or by email adult@indiantrailslibrary.org This is required by the schools to allow time to send the library information for the exam.
  • The member is responsible for any proctoring fees a school may charge and all postage required for mailing back the exam.
  • The library provides a device for self-administered online tests that require a computer. Members are not allowed to use their own laptops or devices unless specifically allowed to do so by their school.
  • A photo ID is required. We do not offer the strictest level of proctoring, which may be required for some exams (eg. SAT). The member will not be in a separate room and will not be monitored the entire time.

Tax Forms 

  • Available at the library during tax season – usually between February and April – but dependant on when the government mails the forms.
  • Staff will print one copy of any form less than 20 pages that is not offered in print.
  • We are unable to print booklets or longer schedules.

Noise Cancelling Earmuffs

If you need more quiet, noise cancelling earmuff are available at the Adult Services Desk.

  • Library card required for check out.
  • Earmuffs are sanitized after each use.