Rise to the Challenge: 2023 Reading Program

Calling teen & adult readers

Rise to the challenge and read 20 books during 2023. Read whatever books you like, or follow our suggested categories.

For the first 5 books you complete, you’ll earn one raffle ticket to go towards one of the grand prizes. Finish 10 books for two additional tickets and a halfway prize. Finish 15 books for three more raffle tickets. Finish all 20 books to receive four more tickets and a completion prize. You can also earn up to six additional grand prize entries for completing the bonus activities.

Register online or at the Adult Services desk, 847.459.4100, ext. 3.  With Beanstack you can track your progress online or in Beanstack’s mobile app.

Paper logs are also available at the Adult Services Desk. Under 14? Check out our youth reading programs here.

Are you new to tracking your progress online with Beanstack? Check out this video or read more about Beanstack.

Looking for inspiration on what to read?  Click on the links for more suggestions. 


  1. Read the library’s OBOC book (The Bohemians)

  2. Re-read a childhood favorite

  3. Read the first book in a series

  4. Read a book about kings and queens (fiction or nonfiction)

  5. Read a book that *should* be made into a movie

  6. Read a mystery book (can you solve it yourself?)

  7. Read a happy/lighthearted book

  8. Read a book that you’ve always meant to read or own and haven’t read

  9. Read a book from a library display

  10. Read a format that you typically wouldn’t (audio, ebook, graphic novel)

  11. Read a book about food (fiction or non)

  12. Read an author’s debut novel

  13. Read a book by an indigenous American author

  14. Read a book recommended by a friend (or ask library staff for a recommendation!)

  15. Read a book about books or libraries

  16. Read a book set in an area that your ancestors are from

  17. Read a book set somewhere that you’d love to visit

  18. Read a book you started and never finished

  19. Read a book that features 2 languages

  20. Read a book that is written in the first person

Bonus Categories

  1. Attend a Cultural Programming Series program.

  2. If you wrote a memoir, what would the title be?

  3. Try out a recipe from a cookbook.

  4. Design a cover for your favorite book.

  5. Tell a library staff member the best book you’ve read lately.

  6. Read your free halfway prize book.