Short Story Cube

The Short Story Cube is a new, portable access point to literacy that can travel throughout the community to share short stories. It rotates from the main Library and the Branch to community events. Check out Jack Ben Edwards, Youtube’s Resident Librarian on Instagram, to view a Short Story Dispenser Reel. Jack found the dispenser in Canary Wharf, London, England.

The Short Story Cube is generously funded by the Rotary Club of Buffalo Grove and the Foundation for the Indian Trails Public Library.

Facts about Story Cube

  • The Short Story Dispenser is made by Short Édition, a French publishing house passionate about sharing short stories and poetry. In 2018, the publishing house expanded to service dispensers in the United States. There are now 300+ dispensers over 5 continents. 
  • After a story prints out, statistically, it is shared up to 2 ½ times so that other readers can enjoy the printouts.
  • The paper uses no ink, is recyclable and BPA free. 
  • Content inside the Story Cube can be curated to a specific theme.
  • The Short Story Cube also has online access. Members can read more stories from the Short Story Portal. The Story Cube also allows writing submissions through this portal. More information on this option coming soon.
  • The front of the Story Cube has two touchless sensors that can be programmed to distribute age appropriate content. 

Short Story Portal 

Find more short stories and poetry to enjoy through the short story portal.

Short Story Portal