Know before you go! Masks are required regardless of vaccination status.

Computers in the Library

Computers, In-House Printing, Copying, Scanning

Limited computer use and copying, printing, scanning and faxing services will be available in the library. Please read this information carefully to prepare for using these services. See FAQs.

USING a Computer in the Library

  • Reservations are not required.
  • One 60-minute reservation per person, per day. However, if no one is waiting, users may extend the time by 30 minutes up to 2 hours per day 
  • Nonmembers may walk-in to reserve a computer (depending on availability).
  • 9 computers available
    • 5 PCs in Adult Services
    • 2 Macs in Adult Services
    • 2 Macs in Youth Services
  • Limitations
    • Youth Services computers: Families and couples with children 
    • Adult Services computers: Adult or high school age; children with the parent, but children cannot use the adult computers.
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro users: Reserve MEDIAMAC1 or MEDIAMAC2 on the 2nd floor.
    • Limit printing and copying to 50 pages (black and white or color) so other members can access those services.
    • Zoom and Skype services are not allowed.
    • The library is unable to provide headphones. Headphones must be worn if watching or listening to anything with sound. 

Printing, Faxing and Copying In-house

  • Your library card number will be needed to release your print job.

Print from home; pick up at the library

  • Send a print job from home and pick up at the library through ePRINTit.
  • Members will receive confirmation if they enter an email.
  • Print requests are held in the queue for one week and must be picked up in the library.


Why do you have only 9 computers available?
To ensure social distance guidelines for members and staff safety, we have eliminated computers that would breach the 6-foot distance. 

Can I check out a laptop?
Currently laptops, tablets and e-readers are unavailable. Please check our website for updates. 

Can I use my laptop at one of the empty computer stations?
Empty computer stations are closed for social distancing measures. Our Wi-Fi can be accessed in the parking lot and the park.

I want a PC but only a Mac is available.
Please consider making a reservation with staff for another time so we can try to get you the computer you need. 

Can I take an open computer if one is available?

When I came to the library today to specifically use the computer, I was told there were no computers available. Can I just wait here until one opens up?
At this time we are not offering reservations. Please speak with staff if you need to use a computer for a specific reason, such as a job application. Currently the library is not set up for members to linger or sit.

I need to use the computer for more than an hour. Can I make reservations for other days this week to come back and finish my project?
If no one is waiting for a computer, you can extend your time by 30 minutes up to 2 hours per day.

I live in the Indian Trails Library District, but don’t have a library card. Can I still use a computer?
You can use a guest pass or library card to log on to a computer.

I am not an ITPLD resident, but I live closer to this library than my home library and I need to use a computer.
You are welcome to use an available computer. Please pick up a guest pass.

All of the 2nd floor computers are full. Can I use an open computers on the 1st floor?
Computers in the KidZone are for use by children and their caregivers.

Do you sanitize equipment? 
Alcohol wipes are available for members who wish to wipe down equipment and the table. If you wish a fresh keyboard and mouse, please speak with staff.

I need to watch a video on a library computer and I don’t have headphones. Can I check out headphones from the library
We are unable to loan out headphones at this time. Please bring your own headphones to listen or watch anything on a computer with sound.