Research (A-Z)


Access Newspaper Archive

Keyword searchable archive of newspapers from around the country. Includes Daily Herald.


America's Genealogy Bank

Historical newspaper articles and obituaries search.


Ancestry is only available within the library

Search for your ancestors in census and other genealogical records from around the world.


AP News Monitor

Continually updated Associated Press news.



Full text and citations from journal articles.


A to Z World Travel

Learn about travel destinations and get tips on how to travel successfully


Auto Repair Reference Center

Repair diagrams and instructions for many makes and models.


Business Source Complete

Full text and/or citations for 1300 scholarly business journals going back to 1886.


Chicago Land News

Newspaper articles, current and historical, from Chicago area papers. Includes The Chicago Sun-Times and The Daily Herald.


Chicago Tribune Historical

The Chicago Tribune archives from 1849 until 1984.


Clase Periodica

Full text and citations for articles in the sciences and humanities from Latin American journals.



Suite of databases including: AP NewsMonitor Collection, Auto Repair Reference Center, Business Source Complete, Funk & Wangall’s New World Encyclopedia, MAS Complete, MasterFile Complete, Middle Search Plus, Primary Search, Newspaper Source Plus, Novelist, Novelist K-8, Points of View, and Regional Business News



Full text and citations from scholarly journals.



Full text and citations on education and teaching.


Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia

25,000 entry general encyclopedia.


First Search

Suite of databases including: ArticleFirst, ClasePeriodica, Eco, Eric, Government Publications Office (catalog, not full text), Medline, and Worldcat.


Gale Courses

Six-week online continuing education classes. These classes cover many topics from computer software and COMPTIA preparation to Genealogy, PMP, and more.


Gale Virtual Reference Library

Suite of “reference” ebooks arranged by subject: Arts, Biography, Business, Education, Environment, General Reference, History, Information & Publishing, Law, Literature, Medicine, Multicultural Studies, Nation & World, Religion, Science, Social Science, and Technology.


Heritage Quest

A genealogical tool to help search for your American ancestors.



Learning Express Library

Books and sample tests for test preparation, GED, workplace skills, and citizenship exams.


Mango Languages

Learn to speak any of over forty languages.


MAS Complete

Magazine articles, reference books, biographies, and primary source documents aimed at high school research projects.


MasterFile Complete

Magazine and journal articles from 2000 publications dating back to 1922. Plus full text from more than 1000 reference books.



Full text and citations of articles on medicine, dentistry, and nursing. Most are aimed at medical professionals.


Middle Search Plus

Magazine articles, biographies, and primary source documents for middle school research projects.


Muzzy Languages

Language learning tool for children. English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and more available.


Newspaper Source Plus

Full text articles from more than 860 newspapers, plus television and radio transcripts.



Newspaper archives including the Daily Herald, Post-Tribune, Wheeling Countryside, and more.


Novelist Plus

Find read-alikes, book discussion guides, lists of award winning novels and more.


Novelist K-8

Find read-alikes, lists of award winning titles and more for children from birth through high school.


Points of View

Pro and con articles for a wide variety of topics.


Primary Search

Magazine articles for elementary school research projects.


Record Information Services

Chicago area marketing information on real estate transactions, new businesses, foreclosures, and bankruptcies.


Reference USA

A national level phone book with powerful search tools built in.


Regional Business News

Full text and citations for business articles from regional sources.


Sesame Street eBooks

Fun, beautiful eBooks and games starring your favorite Sesame Street characters.



Pro- and con- essays on current events topics.

Get LIVE one-on-one homework help from certified tutors in a variety of subjects.


Value Line

Investment data, tools, and analysis from one of the best known companies in the field.


Web News

Current events articles drawn from online news feeds.


Weiss Financial

Ratings and evaluations of insurance companies, credit unions, banks, stocks, and mutual funds. Formerly The Street Ratings.



Catalog of library holdings from around the world.



A collection of magazines and journals on many topics.