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3M Cloud Library

eBooks for checkout
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North Suburban Digital Consortium
eBooks and audiobooks for checkout to use on your computer, tablet, or other mobile device.



Check out the Freading catalog today!
All questions regarding downloads and the service are answered in the Freading FAQ.

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Freegal is your new FREE music service at Indian Trails!

experience music freedom with Your New Music Library:  Freegal.
Grow your music library, from the comfort of your home with your Indian Trails library card.
Each library cardholder is allowed three freely downloadable mp3 music files per week.


Audiobooks for checkout to use on your computer, tablet, or other mobile device.


A new way to start reading your favorite magazines. Titles are added on a continual basis, so keep checking back for more magazines.

Download the app for Windows 8.1


Offers movies, audiobooks, and music in streamable and (on iOS and Android devices) downloadable formats.


Watch award winning independent movies, shows, documentaries, and web series from around the world.

Freegal Movies

Access thousands of video selections from major content suppliers from the convenience of your personal computer or portable device.

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For free book downloads, try:
Project Gutenberg
Internet Archive