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Title: The Swiss Family Robinson

Author: Johan Wyss

Review: The Robinson family get shipwrecked on a stormy night. With no hope of getting back, they learn to adjust to a new lifestyle that is much more different than the one they were used to.

Rating by Shiloh L.

Title: The Everafter: Book One of the May Bird Trilogy

Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson

Review: May Ellen Bird is a quiet and shy girl, who from birth has been seeing ghosts and such. When May discovers a lake in the middle of the woods, she goes in by some supernatural force pulling her. From here she and Somber Kitty,"her" cat, venture out meeting Pumpkin, the Bogey Man and many more ghosts while trying to find a way home. An evil Bo Cleevil wants to turn her into nothing so a mysterious and unknown prophecy may not come true.

Rating by

Title: I Funny

Author: James Patterson

Review: One of the most hilarious books I ever read! This book is about a handicapped boy who wants to be a comedian. The book shows perseverance and this book is funny.

Rating by Srikar V.

Title: Absolutely Almost

Author: Lisa Graff

Review: I think this is a really good book. It boosts confidence and shows that real friendship never breaks.

Rating by Natalie Z.

Title: Bridge to Terabethia

Author: Katherine Paterson

Review: A story of a 5th grader who becomes friends with his neighbor Leslie. They create their own fantasy world. When something tragic happens to Leslie he must learn to overcome it.

Rating by

Title: Baby Mouse, Queen of the World

Author: Matthew Holm

Review: She has a big imagination. She tried to be invited to a party and she was. Read the book to know more!

Rating by Isabel E.

Title: Upside down Magic

Author: Emily Jenkins

Review: It is about a kid who is magical and can only turn into 2 animals mixed together. I love the book.

Rating by Jacqueline B.

Title: Mr. Hubble is in Trouble

Author: Jim Paillot

Review: Two kids compete for class president and Mayor Hubble is secretively helping them. Their teacher finds out and they both lose.

Rating by Jackqueline B.

Title: Absolutely Almost

Author: Lisa G.

Review: Absolutely Almost is a great book for people who are very, very doubtful they will succeed.

Rating by Natalie

Title: Just Joking: Cats

Author: National Geographics

Review: This book is very good. It has funny jokes and things you can learn about famous cats.

Rating by Abbey

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