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Title: The Great Chicago Fire

Author: Janet Huge

Review: The fire started in a barn and exploded and the fire department stopped the fire.

Rating by Mvrad

Title: Zip

Author: Ellie Rollins

Review: I gave this book a 4 star rating because the book was very easy to relate to. I would change the beginning of the book because it wasn't very interesting. I would not have kept on reading but I did. Toward the middle of the book the events started getting more and more interesting.

Rating by Gabriela S.

Title: Harold and the Purple Crayon

Author: Crockett Johnson

Review: Harold and the Purple crayon is a great way to inspire kids to draw things they have never done before. They can create so many things.

Rating by Abby L.

Title: Przypadki Robinsona Cruzoe

Author: Daniel Defoe

Review: This was a good book. I recommend it to someone who likes adventure books. My favorite part was the beginning.

Rating by Adrian L.

Title: Number the Stars

Author: Lois Lowry

Review: I would give this book a 4 star rating because it had a ton of different cliff hangers at the end of the chapters that made you want to read on to the next chapter. The only bad thing was that sometimes events and the characters, ideas/memories would change back and forth too much and you couldn't understand. But I would read this book again in the future.

Rating by

Title: Coraline

Author: Neil Gaiman

Review: Coraline was a weird book. However it was fun too showing a girl going through a door. Coraline faces her other mother who captured her real parents. For fantasy lovers this is a good book.

Rating by Sean

Title: My Brother Sam is Dead

Author: James Lincoln Collier

Review: It is not appropriate for little kids. Tim is the main character and Sam is kind of a main character, but not really.

Rating by Abbey J.

Title: Bone Away from Boneville

Author: Jeff Smith

Review: Bone and his cousins Smiley Bone and Phony Bone get kicked out of Boneville and are in the middle of a desert! A swarm of locust get them all apart too! At the end they all find a town called Barralheaven and find a new friend Thorn!!

Rating by Jacob I.

Title: 11 Birthdays

Author: Wendy Mass

Review: Amanda and her ex friend Leo get trapped in the same day because of a woman, their history and words.

Rating by Norah O.

Title: Big Nate Blasts Off

Author: Lincoln Pierce

Review: Really good book. I love big Big Nate.

Rating by Adrian C.

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