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Title: The Baby-Sitters Club: Kristy's Great Idea

Author: Raina Telgemeier

Review: I would give this book 4 stars. It is interesting in some parts, but boring in other parts. Raina Telgemeier has also written Smile, Sisters and drama.

Rating by Ariana A.

Title: Magician's Elephant

Author: Kate Dicamillo

Review: A boy tries to find his sister and his only guide is the strange elephant.

Rating by Norah O.

Title: Puppy Palace:Bandit

Author: Ellen Miles

Review: Bandit was a great book. It is about a girl who fosters dogs. She fostered a dog named Bandit. She realizes he has a heart problem and in the end a girl friend's uncle takes Bandit to live with him.

Rating by Emilia H.

Title: Sugar

Author: Jewell Parker Rhodes

Review: Sugar hates her name. Her mom has died and she is stuck working at a plantation. Her life takes an interesting twist when she becomes friends with Billy and the Chinamen come.

Rating by Norah O.

Title: Alexander Hamilton

Author: Ron Chernow

Review: This is a really detailed biography of our 'ten dollar' founding father with no father. There is a bit of "advanced" vocabulary. It is a long book at 731 pages small print.

Rating by Eli L.

Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Author: J.K.Rowling

Review: I could not put this book down. J.K. Rowling finished the series as she started it. The fight invigorates all the readers. J.K.Rowling finishing book is a masterpiece.

Rating by Srikar V.

Title: The Magic Trap

Author: Jacqueline Davies

Review: Good book--I like the part when the dad buys a rabbit for Evan's Magic Show.

Rating by Abbey

Title: Shiloh Season

Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Review: I could not put the book down because every page was daring and also surprising.

Rating by Jacqueline B.

Title: Brian's Winter

Author: Gary Paulson

Review: Brian crashed into the Canadian Wilderness and has to teach himself how to survive. He learns a lot and and in the end he finally flies back home after facing his worst fear-winter.

Rating by Nicole T.

Title: Big Nate: In a Class By Himself

Author: Lincoln Pierce

Review: Big Nate: In a class by himself is a great book because it is so funny. He tired to make his fortune come true. Lincoln Pierce makes a lot of Big Nate books and they are all great!

Rating by Ariana A.

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