Beginning January 4, library services will close at 8 pm, Monday-Friday. 


Virtual Launch Pad


New virtual programs are added every month to the calendar.

Stitch Together Virtual Meet-Ups 

All ages. Calling all experienced fiber art enthusiasts! Join ITPLD staff Heidi and Jenn to work on your stitching projects from home. Knitters, crocheters, embroiderers and beyond are welcome to share our virtual space with fellow crafters. Check here for new dates to come.

Virtual Certifications

Sewing Certification

Click here to complete the sewing certification online.

Silhouette Cameo Certification

Click here to complete the silhouette cameo certification online.


DIY2Go Bags are back
Try one of our DIY2Go crafts. Each bag contains a fun, family-friendly make-and-take craft or STEAM activity; primary supplies and directions are included. The bags change regularly, so visit the library and pick up a new mystery craft. Bags may be picked up in the main library lobby or at the drive-up window; no check out necessary. Available while supplies last.  

Creative Classes


Tutorials for DIY crafters, creators and artists. Includes patterns and some project lists.

  • Unlimited access to thousands of online art & craft video classes
  • New classes released every day from recognized creative experts
  • Downloadable patterns, templates and recipes
  • Access to Creativebug community galleries and forums

Learn technology and creative skills with over 700 course subjects including photography, illustration, 3D animation, video and graphic design. Adobe Creative Suite course work includes

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Premier Pro
  • InDesign
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Lightroom
  • Cinema 4D

Maker Recommendations for Creative Classes



Creativebug Bites for fans of Baking TV Shows 
If you love to watch cooking shows, and you don’t want to “fail it,” try these videos. 

  • Mastering Chocolate at Home by Mark Tilling: You’ll finally understand what a double boiler is.
  • The Wilton Method Slice and Bake Cookies: These layering techniques would have the judges eating from the palm of your (sanitized) hands.
  • The Wilton Method How to Write on Cakes: Avoid all future cake fails with this how-to tutorial for beginners. Tech Bytes for Budding Musicians
No matter what kind of maker you may be, there is plenty to practice. Start with these intro videos and see if they are for you:

  • GarageBand Essential Training with Gerrick Chow: GarageBand is free software that can help you begin your journey in recording music! 
  • Music Theory for Songwriters: If you’re interested in learning about a career in the music industry, this short course with Julian Velard is the place to start.
  • The Business of Songwriting: First steps: Join Gerrick Chow to learn more about major organizations, rights and procedures songwriters deal with in the music industry.



Creativebug Bites for STEAM
Make sure you don’t forget the “A”, art, in your STEM adventures. 

  • Astro Origami by Faith Hale: Blast off to the stars with space themed origami. You can even create your own origami paper with images from NASA. 
  • Yarn Birds by Nicole Blum: A fun lesson plan: read and discuss what makes birds special, go bird sightseeing in your neighborhood, and finally join Nicole in this simple tutorial to design and make your very own bird creations. 
  • Galaxy Slime by Faith Hale: Take your slime to the next level! Talk about the wonder of galaxies, play with math and ratios to make half or double the slime, or learn about the chemistry of polymers. Tech Bytes for Aspiring Photographers
Whether you’re using your smartphone’s camera or the latest in digital photography technology, you can learn the necessary skills that can make your pictures shine. 

  • Photography Foundations: Composition by Ben Long: Brush up on your composition skills to make the most of your subject and create strong pictures.
  • Photography 101 by Joseph Linaschke: With modern cameras it’s easy to point and shoot, but why not learn how to work all those buttons and dials to unleash the full potential of your camera.
  • Photography Foundations: Mobile Photography by Ben Long: Make the most of the powerful device you carry around everywhere; your smartphone’s camera. 




  • Handmade Soap by Lindsey Stone: Forget the lines for boring hand soap! Learn how to safely make your own soap; prepping, measuring, molding, cutting and customizing.
  • Lotion Bars: 1/24/19 by CBTV Live: Learn how to use a blend of body butter and beeswax to make your own lotion bars! With all the handwashing we’re all doing lately, it’s the least we can do for our hands.
  • Homemade Apothecary by Amy Karol: From lip balm, facial oil, and toner to deodorant and hairspray, Amy shows you how to make simple, safe products using ingredients from your own pantry or local health food store. For Drawing, Computer Graphics And Design

Inkscape Essential Training with Mike Rankin – Using Inkscape, a free design software, learn how to download it onto different types of computers, then work through the lessons to learn how to use the toolbox and import documents or images from an assortment of other software.

Drawing Vector Graphics with Von Glitschka – Designer and Illustrator Von Glitschka walks you through the process for how to best research (or locate options) for graphics and utilizing one’s own illustrations in graphic software Illustrator. As mentioned above, some of these tips will be able to be recreated in Inkscape, or at the very least be imported into Inkscape from Adobe Illustrator.

Drawing Foundations: Sketching the Landscape with Will Kemp – Learn how to sketch a landscape like an artist! We may be stuck inside or at least 6-ft away from other people, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn how to sketch the beautiful landscapes that surround us.