Getting What You’re Worth: Negotiating Job Offers, Raises and Promotions

Join in this live webinar on April 24, 7 pm, to learn how to confidently negotiate for a higher salary during a job offer from Gina McClowry, owner of Gina McClowry Consulting.

Monday, April 24, 7 pm • Live Webinar


Does the thought of asking for a higher salary during a job offer negotiation scare you? Have you shied away from salary negotiations and walked away feeling like you should have asked for more? Would you like to be more self-assured and confident in articulating your personal value? Gina McClowry, owner of Gina McClowry Consulting, will showcase how negotiating is a part of life; approaching it with skill and confidence signals that you know your worth and that you will proactively manage your career success.
This program is held in connection with Money Goals Month, a month-long initiative promoting relevant techniques and goals for financial education, including budgeting and planning. Registration is required.
This program is in collaboration with Lake Cook Career Collaborative member libraries. The Collaborative helps local residents who are unemployed or underemployed make their next career move by connecting them with expert-led workshops, online training and other resources offered at no cost through area public libraries. Visit the website for resources and workshops.