Launch Pad Staff Tech Bytes


Lamination Ideas

Description: Check out a Laminator Kit, which includes a laminator machine and one free lamination pouch. You can also use your own standard lamination pouches if you want to try these projects.

  • Hundred Lamination Projects: Use a laminator machine for more than just laminating an insurance card. This website presents a hundred different projects you can try.
  • Twenty Awesome Projects: This website that lists twenty lamination projects with more in-depth information.
  • Laminating Napkins and Tissue Paper: This Youtube tutorial shows you how to laminate decorative napkins and tissue paper for use in various crafting projects.


Get Started with Knitting

Description: Ready to try knitting? The Launch Pad on the Go Knitting kit contains knitting needles and yarn to get you started. 

  • Knitting 101: Learn to Knit: In this video tutorial, Kelly, a regular guest instructor in The Launch Pad will guide you through the basics of knitting: casting on, the knit stitch, and binding off.
  • Stitch ‘n Bitch : The Knitter’s Handbook by Debbie Stoller: I highly recommend this book as it is how I began my knitting journey. Instructions and tips for two styles of knitting, you’re bound to find one that sticks.
  • VeryPink Knits:  Here is my other secret weapon for learning how to knit. Staci at VeryPink Knits provides a wealth of knowledge and easy to follow video tutorials. I still reference these videos when I need to learn a new skill or get a refresher.


Music Making

Description: For those interested in making music or DJing, there are both physical and virtual tools one can use to help them get started! Recommended for teens and adults.

Keyboard/Drum Pad Kit: This Alesis V25 MIDI Keyboard Launch Pad on the Go Kit can be checked out for by ITPLD cardholders, high school and older.

YouTube Review & Walk Through: This YouTube video by Masters-of-Music, provides a ~6 minute walk through of the Alesis V25 MIDI Keyboard Controller, which can dhelp those that have not used it before.

Gale Courses – Music Made Easy: This instructor-led class offers 24 hours of musical concepts, including full detail of a keyboard and music theory. Students will learn to build intervals, major scales and chords. Six-week acesss to the course.