Fabric Mask Tutorials

illustration of different kinds of face masks to protect from viruses

CDC Patterns

The CDC-approved mask patterns are two layers of fabric, so a filter pocket is not needed. Very straightforward. 

Sew a Cotton Pleated Mask

Launch Pad staff share a video to make a cotton pleated mask.

Sarahmaker’s Pleated Masks

This intermediate level tutorial shows how to make a pleated mask with a filter pocket. 

Sweet Red Poppy Mask

These masks have easy to follow options for more fitted products. Also provides printable patterns for five different sizing options.


  • Backstitching is key to making your mask last.
  • Masks can and should be washed after every use in washing machines and dryers. 
  • Wash on a regular or delicate setting in warm to cold water with regular detergent and hang dry or tumble dry low. 
  • Masks are are 100% cotton so they can and will shrink if you use hot settings during washing and drying. Consider washing and drying your material before making your mask.

Effectiveness and use of homemade masks

These videos are meant for educational purposes and should not replace recommendations by medical professionals. Masks do not replace social distancing; they should be used while practicing social distancing.