Drive-In Bingo Fundraiser

The most fun you can have in your car while supporting your library!


Saturday, May 22, 5:30-7:30 pm Lot opens at 5:30 pm; Bingo begins at 6 pm
Library Parking Lot 

$5/Bingo card (includes 10 games) 

$6.75 Superdawg meal (optional) Includes: “undressed” Superdawg (hot dog) with the fixings on the side, plus an order of fries in a convenient box. Beverages not included. 

Prizes awarded for each game. Note: No cash prizes will be awarded.

Register here. Payment by credit card is required at the time of registration.  If you wish to pay by cash or check, contact Susan Dennison at 847.279.2222 or Space is limited. 


Will restrooms be available?
Yes, the library will be open for the use of restrooms. Masks and social distancing are required when entering  the building.

How will we hear the Bingo numbers?
Tune your radio to FM 88.5, which we will be transmitting over to call the numbers.

What if I get a Bingo?
Announce your Bingo by flashing your lights and honking your horn! Volunteers will be stationed throughout the parking lot.

Are masks required?
Masks are not required while in your car. However, we ask that you wear masks when interacting with a volunteer or staff or using the restrooms.

Is social distancing required?
Cars will be parked in every other space to ensure adequate distance between them. 

Do we have to stay in our cars?
For the safety of everyone, participants are asked to stay in their cars except for using the library’s restrooms. 

Will food be for sale?
We have partnered with Superdawg in Wheeling to provide a boxed meal for $6.75, which you can order when you purchase Bingo cards. 

Can I bring food in?
Absolutely! Feel free to bring food and beverages in with you. For the safety of everyone, smoking and alcohol are prohibited.

How do I pick up my Bingo cards?
Volunteers will check your name after you have parked and give you your Bingo cards.

Can I buy more bingo cards on the night of the event?
Yes, if they are available. However, exact change is requested.

I decided I wanted to buy a Superdawg meal /order more Bingo cards after I submitted my order form. What do I do?
Please email or call Susan Dennison, or 847.279.2222 for assistance. The deadline to order food is May 21.

I signed up to participate but I need to cancel. Can I get a refund?
Yes, please email or call Susan Dennison, or 847.279.2222 for assistance.