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Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

Author: J.K. Rowling

Review: This book is an amazing book because once more, Harry finds himself face to face with Lord Voldemort, sometimes known as You-know-who or He-who-must-not-be- named. Read to find out whether Harry kills Lord Voldemort once and for all or if Harry's own life is taken.

Rating by Sharanya M.

Title: The Red Shoes and Other Tales

Author: Hans Christian Andersen

Review: The three tales were good, but they were so short. I finished them quickly. My favorite tale is the 'Glass Case'.

Rating by Abbey J.

Title: Good News for Elephants

Author: Time for

Review: Elephants are being hunted for their ivory. The article persuades you not to hunt elephants.

Rating by Lily R.

Title: Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library

Author: Chris Grabenstein

Review: I recommend this book. It is fun, full of puzzles to think about and engaging.

Rating by

Title: Catching Fire

Author: Suzanne Collins

Review: Catching Fire is a fast paced story that leaves you wanting more.

Rating by Joy K.

Title: Gator Dad

Author: Brian Lies

Review: This is a really good family book. A story about what a gator dad would be like if it was your dad.

Rating by Baelyn Z.

Title: Pokemon Band W Vol.12

Author: Hidemori Husaha

Review: I did not like it as much as the other ones. It was OK but did not have much to do with the plot.

Rating by Louis U.

Title: Story Theives

Author: James Reily

Review: A boy named Owen is a normal kid. Nothing ever happens to him until one day he notices a girl named Bethany isn't anywhere near. He finds a book (Bethany's to be exact) and realizes a hand coming out of it! What adventures will Owen go on? Will Owen's life still be boring? Will Bethany be found?

Rating by Alex D.

Title: Friends of Liberty

Author: Beatrice Gormley

Review: The Friends of Liberty is a great book. It is about 2 girls one who is rich and one who is poor. They have a forbidden friendship.

Rating by

Title: Smart About the 50 States

Author: John Buller, Susan Saunders, Maryann Cocca-Leffler, Joan Holub, True Kelley

Review: It's a good book. It talks about all of the states ans some unusual facts. Also it lists all the presidents which I have to do a report on Taft and I have to know all the presidents.

Rating by Ashley M.

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