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Title: William Shakespeare's Star Wars the Empire Striketh Back

Author: Ian Drescher

Review: I thought it was a really good book, especially how it described what was happening. I liked how it was written in old English, but it was a little hard to read because of how it was written.

Rating by Eli L.

Title: Ruby Holler

Author: Sharon Creech

Review: Suspenseful book with lots of action.

Rating by Stephen M.

Title: Lilly's Crossing

Author: Patricia Reilly Giff

Review: Lilly's crossing is a very good book. It is about when Lilly is at her summer house when World War II breaks out. Her dad went overseas and Lilly's best friend moved because of the war. Then, Lilly meets a boy her age named Albert. He lost most of his family because of the war. Together they share secrets and have an everlasting friendship.

Rating by Nicole

Title: Flowers for Algernon

Author: Daniel Keyes

Review: The story was sad. The story could actually happen.

Rating by Stephen M.

Title: Things Explained

Author: Randall Munroe

Review: It was really good because it was funny how the mother explained things.

Rating by Eli L.

Title: The Fault In Our Stars

Author: John Green

Review: I love how the way Augustus and Grace love each other. This reminds me of the way that not all relationships are these days. Even though Augustus sadly died, Grace will remember how he loved her and will never forget their times together.

Rating by Genesis P.

Title: Frindle

Author: Andrew Clements

Review: I really like Frindle. It's a good book. It's about a boy Nick who makes up a new name for a pen, he calls it Frindle. His teacher doesn't really like it but most people do. I like how he has creative ideas.

Rating by Ashley M.

Title: The 13 Story Tree House

Author: Andy Meadows

Review: I actually really enjoyed this book because it is really funny and it really has cool stuff in the tree house. Terry is funny and also is Andy. I would recommend this book.

Rating by Andrea C.

Title: The Secret of the Fortune Wookie

Author: Ton Angleberger

Review: What is the secret of the Fortune Wookie? Can the gang save Dwight from Tippet Academy? Will school be boring once again? Find out by reading this book.

Rating by Vrah M

Title: Amelia's School Survival Guide

Author: Marissa Moss

Review: In this book Amelia describes how to prepare for school. She tells the reader what to expect in school from Amelia's point of view. I think this was a good book.

Rating by Allison W.

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