Indian Trails Library Newsletter FAQs

We get many questions and calls about the library newsletter and we thought to answer those here.


Q. I'm a resident and my newsletter didn't get delivered.

A. Call the library (847-279-2250) we will mail one to you. Please provide your full name and address. We track newsletters that don't get deliver so we can follow up with the post office.


Q. I don't live in the district, but would like to receive your newsletter.

A. We are happy that you want to receive our newsletter. Unfortuantely, the cost of postage makes it impossible for us to send a newsletter to all the residents outside our district who would like to get one. There are several ways, though, that you can receive a newsletter: pick one up the next time you are in the library; download a copy from our website; or pick one up at one of the local places where we leave copies (city halls, park districts and chambers of commerce).


Q. How can I tell where a program will be held?

A. All programs are held at the main library at 355 Schoenbeck, except Branch programs, which are held at 99 E. Palatine. The library always includes an address in the description of any offsite program, so please remember to read the description carefully. Currently we host regular programs at Panera, Wheeling Pavilion Senior Center and Alcott Center.


Q. What does R, NR and TR mean?

A. The R, NR and TR you see at the end of many programs in information about registration.

  • R mean registration is required.
  • NR mean no registration is required.
  • TR means that free tickets will be distributed 30 minutes before the program.